Mathbeat: How to get the math problems you want


Mathbeat allows you to select the types of math problems it gives you to solve by selecting the operators (+,-,×,÷) and the range for both operands (between 0 and 12).

Let’s say you want to work on your multiplication by 6 facts. Select only the ‘×’ to limit problems to multiplication, then adjust the top operand range to ‘6 through 6’. You can adjust the range numbers using the -+ buttons below each range number. The bottom range can be ‘0 through 12’. Hit ‘Done’ and Mathbeat will present you with problems like ‘6 × 4’, ‘6 × 0’, or ‘6 × 10’. The top (first) number will always be 6. The bottom number will be anything on the range from 0 through 12.


Multiplication by 6

Perhaps you want to practice addition and subtraction? Make sure the ‘+’ and ‘-’ operators are selected and the other two aren’t. Adjust your top and bottom operand ranges as desired. Note that Mathbeat will never give you a problem that has an answer less than zero. If it generates a subtraction problem with the top value less than the bottom, it will swap them to ensure the top value is always greater than or equal to the bottom value before it presents it to you to solve.


Addition and Subtraction with Answers on Range from 0 to 20

What about division? For division, you actually select the answer range. Answers will always be whole values (integers). Let’s say you’ve been working on multiplication facts for 6, and want to mix it up a bit by also including related division problems. Adjust the top range to be 6 through 6, and the bottom range as desired (perhaps 0 through 12). Now select both the ‘×’ and ‘÷’ operators, and make sure the other two are not selected. Hit ‘Done’ and now not only will you get problems like ‘6 × 5’, but you’ll also get problems like ’30 ÷ 5’ who’s answer is 6. It may be a bit trivial to only select a single value like 6 for the range of answers, but I hope you get the idea for how you can use it.


Multiplication and Division: 6 Facts Family

Want to play on the full range with all the operators? Go for it! Mathbeat keeps track of that high score separately, so you have a standard that you can always come back to and play against.


All Types, Full Range



The App Engine That Could

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