Mathbeat Scores: ‘Top Score’ and ‘Full Score’

Mathbeat keeps track of two high scores for each player, and a goal for each of these high scores. These are labeled as the ‘Top Score’ and the ‘Full Score’, and are based on how you’ve set things up.


The Top Score is the high score for any way you have the settings. Maybe you’ve decided to practice multiplication by 6. Perhaps you’ve decided to practice addition and subtraction. Perhaps you’ve selected all the operators. Regardless of your settings, the Top Score records your best—of any problem types over any range.

The Full Score is you high score for one particular special combination. ‘Full’ means all the operators, on all the range covered by Mathbeat. To play to beat your Full Score, make sure all the operators (+,-,×,÷) are selected, and both the top and bottom operand ranges are set 0 through 12. You can set this quickly by tapping the blue Full Range description: 0-12 +-×÷ 0-12 (on the Settings screen just under the “Best of All Operators, Full Range” title)



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