Top Ten Reasons I Love Mathbeat (from the perspective of an educator and mother)

Mathbeat is a basic part of our schooling. We use it daily for math drill practice. It only takes a minute to play one round of Mathbeat, but if we do it each day, that adds up to a lot of drill practice! Of course, since it is so easy to check students’ progress on Mathbeat, I can easily tell whether one minute of drill for the day has been enough or whether more practice is needed.

Here are the top ten reasons that I love Mathbeat for daily educational purposes:

10. My kids can drill basic math facts as quickly as possible without my having to take time each day to flip flashcards for them.

9. Unlike with regular flashcards, we don’t have to waste time getting the cards out, turning them all the right way, picking them up after we drop them, pulling out only the facts that we want to practice that day, cleaning them up, etc. Setup is quick and easy, no matter which facts I want the kids to practice for the day. Cleanup is even easier.

8. Unlike with regular flashcards, my kids can’t pretend to do their best without actually figuring out the answers. Mathbeat tells me how they are doing and doesn’t let them just skip over the challenging problems.

7. The sound effects give me an easy way to monitor how my kids are doing without having to watch over their shoulders.

6. The notebook gives me an easy way to go back and find out how my kids have been doing even if the sound has been turned off, or I have been out of the room or busy with something else.

5. The app doesn’t have a bunch of frilly cutesy stuff that only serves to distract my kids from the math.

4. The high score records keep my competitive kids super motivated to keep playing and doing better.

3. The child who loves math absolutely loves Mathbeat.

2. The child who hates math absolutely loves Mathbeat.

1. To my kids, flashcards = boring, but Mathbeat = FUN and COOL.


The App Engine That Could

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