Mathbeat Update


Mathbeat Version 1.1 is now available! Highlights of the new release include:

  • Mathbeat is now compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! (it still works for iOS 5.0+)
  • It’s not just a new icon and building the images for iPhone, the iPad graphics have been cleaned up too. It should be easier to find the Player Info button now, which has been moved next to the player name.
  • The player settings abbreviation on the settings page under the ‘Best of…’ titles (and look something like ‘0-10 +- 0-10’, which, for example, means the settings are for addition and subtraction problems with both the first and second operand range set from zero through ten) now act as hotkeys to select those settings. For instance, if you want to play on the full range with all operators, select the abbreviation under the ‘Full Range’ title. If you want to try to beat your best of any setting, using the same settings as you did for your top score, select the abbreviation under the ‘Any Range’ title.
  • A visual cue (a ‘✓’ or ‘✗’) has been added to the auditory cue (the ding or buzz) for immediate feedback on whether an answer was correct or not.
  • The changes aren’t all cosmetic! The problem generating engine at the heart of Mathbeat has also been improved. You should now see every problem in your set range once and only once before you see any problems repeated. Before, every time Mathbeat needed a new problem it would be randomly generated on the range requested. Now, when the settings are set, all the problems are generated on the set range. Mathbeat randomly selects one of the problems from this set and won’t reuse that problem again until all the other problems in the set have been used by Mathbeat.
  • …and a number of more minor tweaks to continue to improve the Mathbeat experience.


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