Cue Up — Playback Control

Did you know that you can control playback for Cue Up through Control Center (swipe up from bottom)? Even if Cue Up is not currently playing you can start playback. It can take a few seconds after you tap ‘play’ in Control Center to start if the app was closed, but this lets you start playing your schedule without needing to unlock the device or switch to Cue Up. I find this a convenient way to listen to music in my car. I plug in my phone as soon as I get in, swipe up to bring up Control Center and hit ‘play’, and that’s it! I don’t even need to unlock and Cue Up plays the music and speaks cues as I’ve scheduled. It’s a very convenient way to listen to my music. To appear in Control Center, Cue Up must be the last app to use Control Center for playback control and Control Center must be enabled in Settings.


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