Cue Up — Sharing Cue Up

It happens almost every morning in our house. I like to get up well before everyone else. So what if you both want to use Cue Up, but you and your spouse plan to get up at different times? There are more than one way you can do this. But here are a couple that we like:

Share a single device: Set up an overnight cue with great music to sleep to. Then set up a cue for each of you. When the first to wake gets up, they can switch off their cue in the schedule. Cue Up will then revert back to the overnight playlist until it’s time for the second cue. Don’t forget to turn the first cue back on before you need it again!

Using two devices: Two devices can both be plugged in and set up to wait quietly until it’s time for their respective cues, or the one with the later cue can play music overnight while the one with the earlier cue waits quietly until it’s time to cue. Pillow or bone conducting speakers may also help isolate the sound enough that each is able to have their own cues without disturbing the other.

Also, try putting your name in your cue message. You probably pay more attention to your own name that others do. Try using different music for each of your preludes and playlists, and messages that are easy to tell the difference from one another. If they sound different, you and your spouse will have an easier time hearing your own cues.


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