Cue Up — The Prelude

Most mornings I am not conscious of the prelude, but I’m up by the first syllable of my morning cue message. I think the prelude helps me prepare to wake. That is what my experience has been virtually every morning for months now as I’ve been developing Cue Up. Here’s what I’ve found that I enjoy: I fill my prelude with ~20 minutes of songs that are not in my overnight playlist. Generally, they fall into the New Age genre. I start with slower tempo and build the tempo with each song, but it’s still music you would be more likely to relax to than work out with. But it’s the same every morning, and always leads up to my cue to wake. Like Pavlov’s dog, I think the consistent sound may help me anticipate and prepare for what’s next. Feel free to let me know how you use Cue Up. Enjoy!


The App Engine That Could

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