Introducing Cue Up

Think about music in a movie for a moment. You can often anticipate what’s about to happen from the musical cues. Cue Up is an app that lets you put musical cues on a schedule—to give your day a sound track and you a way to know what part of the day or night it is by the music you hear.

And it’s a little more than simply playlists on a schedule. Each cue in your day can have a prelude which leads into the cue, so you can anticipate what’s about to happen before it actually does. Let’s say you want to wake at 6am. You may create a cue and set the time for 6am, adding the music you want to play starting at 6am to the playlist. But you can also add songs to a prelude. These songs will play leading up to 6am, ending just in time for your cue. And if there’s a volume difference in whatever’s on the schedule before 6am and your 6am cue, Cue Up will use the prelude to gradually adjust the volume. Want to play music softly overnight then gradually ramp up the volume as it’s nearing your time to wake? This can do it for you which may help you better anticipate when it’s time to wake.

And about that alarm thing: an obnoxious beeping? Maybe some sort of not as obnoxious chimes? Nah. How about a voice that delivers your cue. Don’t you think you’d respond better to a voice than to beeps? Write your own custom messages to hear spoken for your cues.

We think its a great way to wake up. Think about this: rather than waiting until it’s actually time to wake up to set off an alarm to jolt you out of sleep, give yourself a musical heads up to what’s coming next—then wake to a voice delivering your cue. We’re not making any claims for how it will work for you. People are all different; but we use it ourselves and have enjoyed waking this way ever since we got the first prototype working and found we loved it.

We’d love to hear about how you use it and your experience with it!


Disclaimer: we haven’t done any studies on whether this is a better way to wake and we’re not making any claims that it is or that it will wake you or that our little app will improve your life in any way. We are sharing our experience and our experience using it ourselves is a good one. And we provide it free for you to try—which we think is the best way anyway. We hope you try it and find that your experience is great!


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