Thank you for your interest in The App Engine That Could! We’re truly flattered!

The App Engine That Could, LLC is the name I gave my endeavor to build and publish an app. Building an app seemed like something big; I didn’t want to start a project that I wasn’t going to finish, and who doesn’t love that little engine from the classic children’s story? I love reading it to my preschooler, and it kept coming to mind as I worked on this project.

Since you’re reading this, I’ll give you a little more background. I’m a scientist by profession, not a programmer. But since my dad has loved computers as long as I can remember and got one for our family well before they were common, I started programming about the time I started school (there wasn’t much else you could do with a computer at that time). I could communicate what I wanted with a command prompt before I could speak clearly (yikes)! And having good programming skills has made my science better, so I’ve continued to work to improve these skills.

I married an educator, and we truly value education and particularly building Science, Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) skills in the next generation. When my wife was looking for an iPad app for math drills for her students, it seemed like a natural fit for our first project.

So who are the people that power The App Engine That Could, LLC? Right now, it’s the team of my wife and myself who design and develop, and our several kids, plus family and friends who have helped test Mathbeat and Cue Up so that they were ready for you!

We hope you enjoy it! And here at TAETC, we know that whatever big thing you’re trying, we know that you can!

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