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Mathbeat is Free for a Limited Time!

Download it today and make sure you keep up your math skills over the break!

Mathbeat Free is no longer available

Mathbeat Free has received its last planned support and is no longer under development. I had originally planned a model where Mathbeat Free would be a ‘lite’ version, and would be ad supported. But theory and practice sometimes differ. While I was able to create the app, I didn’t end up finding an advertising solution that I was satisfied with (which is why, if you’ve been using it, all you’ve probably seen is my own banner linking you to Mathbeat). This has a lot to do with knowing that many of the users of the app will be children. While I’d love to find a way to support the development of this app and offer it for free, I don’t think advertising to children is the way to do it. And it’s not just the ads themselves–it’s also that advertisers want information on who’s viewing their ads. Mathbeat was designed to keep all its data in the control of the user. Everything is local to the device–it doesn’t transmit anything back to us or anyone else. This isn’t possible with an ad supported model.

So, although Mathbeat Free is no longer available on the App Store, I have decided to offer Mathbeat (the no ad version) for free for a limited time. I am excited that it has been under active development, and we’ve got an update for iOS 7 that should be available very soon. So go download your copy of Mathbeat as our Christmas gift to you!

Merry Christmas!

App registered

While testing is ongoing, the first app from TAETC (for distribution) has been registered with Apple. More of the administrative details are getting my attention now, so we can move this from “isn’t it fun for us to play with” to “isn’t it fun for you to play with!”

More details will be coming soon…

First App is on it’s way!

The first App developed by TAETC is in testing and should be available on the App Store soon!