We at The App Engine That Could, LLC want to be in the business of making great apps that people enjoy using. We believe great apps respect the privacy of users. We do not want to be in the business of collecting personal information. This gives a clear direction for the design of our apps.

We do not add anything to our apps to automatically collect personal information or transmit it to anyone. Unless you directly contact us (such as sending us an email) to give us your information, we do not know who you are, where you are, or any information you may have entered in our or any other apps (we don’t access your photos, contacts, messages, etc.). If you do contact us, we promise to respect the intentions of your contact. We do not share any information you give us without your express permission. For example, we are not going to add you to mailing lists or sell your email address to anyone just because you sent us an email. We like to hear from people using our apps and we want you to feel comfortable doing it—without a concern that we’ll give your email address to a spammer. We won’t.

None of our apps require creating an account with us to use. None of our apps track how you are using the app or collect information about you. None of our apps contact or transmit any data to any server owned, operated, or managed by us. If you want us to know about you or how you are using our apps you’ll need to contact us and tell us. We don’t use our apps to collect information. We think it’s more valuable to build trust and a good reputation than to harvest information about people who use our apps.

We hope you get the idea. But we’re happy to be more specific about each of our apps and hope to answer in plain english what we’ve done with each. We want to be transparent. We feel you deserve to know what the apps you use do.

Cue Up: Cue Up does not collect information about you and does not transmit information back to us. It does save the schedule that you set within the app to your device as well as the app settings and whether you made an in-app purchase. These are saved locally on your device and with any backup you make that includes Cue Up. It does not transmit data back to us.

We have included a button in settings to open our website (, labeled ‘Visit developer website’. If you tap this button it will send a request to your device to open our website in the default browser on your device. You can find more about our website privacy below. It also includes a ‘Rate this app’ button. Tapping this button will send a request to  your device to open the Cue Up page in the App Store™ online store. You can find more about Apple® privacy below. These features send Cue Up to the background on your device and launch other apps from an action taken by the user (they require tapping on a labeled button). The website URL and a contact email address are also hyperlinked in the Cue Up help documentation. Tapping the website address will request that the device open the address shown. Tapping the email address will request that the device open a draft email using the default mail account, addressed to us with the address shown. An email account must be set up on the device for this to work. Cue Up does not have access to your email messages. We do not receive anything from you unless you take the action to send the email.

Cue Up is a part of the iAd® mobile advertising network. You can see more about iAd at Refer to documentation for your device on how you can manage advertising (including how to limit ad tracking: Cue Up also has an in-app purchase available to remove banner ads. With the banner ads removed, Cue Up stops requesting advertising from the iAd network.

Cue Up offers an in-app purchase. The entire transaction process take place between you, your device and the App Store online store. At the end of a successful transaction an encrypted receipt of the transaction is saved on your device. Nothing is transmitted from your device to us in this process.

Mathbeat: Mathbeat allows users to enter names for keeping track of scores and settings. These names and the scores and settings associated with them are saved locally on the device and are included with any backup that you make of your device. Your name, settings, and scores are not sent to us.

We have included a hyperlink to our website, labeled ‘Developer Website’. If you tap on this hyperlink it will send the request to your device to open our website in its default browser. You can find more about website privacy below. It also includes a ‘Review Mathbeat’ hyperlink. Tapping this hyperlink will request the App Store online store open to the Mathbeat page. You can find more about Apple privacy below. These features send Mathbeat to the background and launch other apps with the direction of the user (they require the action of the user tapping on a labeled button).

Mathbeat Free: Mathbeat Free is no longer available on the App Store. You may continue using it if you already downloaded it and as long as your device supports it. Mathbeat Free is like Mathbeat (see above) but with an ad banner added. Mathbeat Free is part of the iAd mobile advertising network (see Apple privacy policy). When the iAd network is unavailable it displays a banner image advertising Mathbeat. Tapping on the Mathbeat banner will launch the App Store online store app with a URL to the Mathbeat app page.

Our apps do not change or prevent the system they run on (such as your device) from its standard logging. Your device may log data about app usage and performance (such as when an app does not work correctly and the system does not know what to do with it so it freezes or quits—crashing). If a user has opted in to share Diagnostic and Usage data, crash reports and other usage data may be sent to Apple. Anonymous crash reports generated by your device when using our apps may be provided to us by Apple to help us improve our apps. Apple may also provide us aggregated statistics on the usage of the apps we make available through the App Store. This data comes only from devices that support this and where users have opted in to share this information with app developers. This may include data such as how many devices our apps are installed on and aggregated data on how often our apps are used on devices that have opted in to share this information with app developers. Personal information is not included in this data. Users can manage whether they send this data through their device settings (in iOS 9 see: Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage). We do not change the settings on your device or whether your device sends data nor do we make policy for any but ourselves. We provide this for your information. See the link provided below for the privacy practices of Apple.

We provide this for your information in good faith. It is our aim to make our privacy policy easy to read and understand. It is intended to set policy for what information we collect about our users and how we use that information. We have also provided information about our apps and how they function. These are not exhaustive descriptions of our apps or their functions, but are intended to highlight areas that we believe are relevant to privacy or answer questions about how our apps work. While we have included other information that we think is relevant to privacy, we are not making any statement on behalf of anyone else nor do we claim to or actually represent anyone but ourselves.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy please contact us at

The below are included for your convenience:

Apple privacy policy (including iAd and the App Store):
At this time our website is hosted by WordPress ( You can learn about their privacy policy at
Note that our domain,, currently redirects to our WordPress blog:
We may update our privacy policy from time to time. If we change the policy, the new policy will be posted on our website.
Apple and iAd are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.
WordPress is a trademark of The WordPress Foundation.

Initially posted 4 July, 2014
Updated 12 June, 2015 to add LLC to the name of The App Engine That Could, LLC
Updated 8 November, 2015 to improve descriptions including Diagnostics & Usage information sharing and update how to change that setting in iOS 9

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